DLAI-G20 EMPOWER -UNCG India conference

Jun 26, 2023
02:00 PM - 05:30 PM (Asia/Kolkata)

  • India Habitat Centre

  • Lodhi Road Near Airforce Bal Bharati School, Lodhi Rd, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi, Delhi

  • New Delhi


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The Indian Fintech industry is rapidly growing and is one of the fastest-growing fintech markets globally. Fintech lenders play a crucial role in providing liquidity and supporting women-owned enterprises, contributing to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. While the Government of India has made efforts to achieve universal financial inclusion, the share of women borrowers in the country remains lower. Digital lending fintech firms are bridging this gap effectively.

Fintech lending institutions support the Sustainable Development Goals in India by offering innovative and accessible financing options to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), micro-entrepreneurs, and underserved communities.

Here are some ways fintech lending supports SDGs in India:

  1. Financial inclusion: Fintech lending promotes financial inclusion by providing credit and financial services to underserved communities, addressing the large unbanked and underbanked population.
  2. Small business growth: Fintech lenders offer much-needed financing to MSMEs, fostering their growth, job creation, and contribution to the local economy.
  3. Digital transformation: Fintech lending leverages technology to make lending processes efficient, transparent, and accessible, reducing the digital divide and driving innovation in the financial sector.
  4. Environmental sustainability: Fintech lenders focus on financing green businesses and sustainable enterprises, supporting initiatives like renewable energy and sustainable agriculture.
  5. Gender equality: Fintech lenders empower women entrepreneurs by providing them with access to credit and resources, addressing the gender gap in traditional banking and fostering gender equality.

Fintech lending plays a critical role in supporting sustainable development goals in India by offering inclusive and innovative financing solutions that promote financial inclusion, small business growth, digital transformation, environmental sustainability, and gender equality.

This linkage of fintech to UNSDGs helps in various areas:

  • No Poverty: Fintech lenders reduce poverty by providing affordable credit and financial services to underserved communities, enabling them to improve their lives and livelihoods.
  • Zero Hunger: Fintech lenders support agricultural businesses and sustainable food production, financing small farmers, food producers, and stakeholders in the food value chain to enhance food security and reduce hunger.
  • Good Health and Well-being: Fintech lenders support healthcare businesses and improve access to healthcare services by providing financing for healthcare providers, medical facilities, and healthcare technology companies.
  • Quality Education: Fintech lenders contribute to education by financing education technology companies, educational institutions, and education-focused non-profits, improving access to quality education and lifelong learning.
  • Gender Equality: Fintech lenders promote gender equality by providing financing to women entrepreneurs, empowering them and fostering gender equality in the workplace and society.
  • Affordable and Clean Energy: Fintech lenders facilitate access to clean energy and energy efficiency initiatives by providing financing for solar and other clean energy products, promoting sustainable energy sources and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth: Fintech lenders support MSMEs and businesses with affordable credit and financial services, promoting economic growth and job creation, particularly in underserved communities.
  • Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure: Fintech lenders contribute to innovation and infrastructure by providing financing for housing infrastructure, especially in the housing finance space.
  • Reduced Inequalities: Fintech lenders promote financial inclusion and reduce economic and social inequalities by providing affordable credit and financial services to underserved communities, fostering more inclusive economic growth.

The Digital Lenders Association of India (DLAI) envisions a potential cooperation with the United Nations Global Compact India (UNGC-India) to co-create events, conduct joint studies on the Indian Fintech Lending Industry's support of UNSDGs/ESG norms, and conduct surveys on fintech industry support for women


Jun 26, 2023

02:15 PM

Welcome of Delegates

Tamarind, India Habitat Centre
In this session, delegates and speakers will be warmly welcomed to an upcoming event focused on Fintech and Sustainability - Strengthening Women-Owned Enterprises Through Digital Lending in the MSME Sector. The event aims to bring together a diverse group of industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators who share a common goal of empowering women entrepreneurs and promoting sustainable development. Attendees can expect a vibrant atmosphere of knowledge exchange, insightful presentations, and interactive discussions. This session will provide a valuable platform for networking, fostering collaborations, and exploring opportunities to drive positive change in the fintech landscape. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.

02:20 PM

Lightning of Lamp

Tamarind, India Habitat Centre
The auspicious ceremony of the "Lighting of the Lamp" symbolizing the illumination of knowledge, wisdom, and positivity. This sacred ritual will mark the commencement of a memorable journey filled with enlightening discussions, insightful presentations, and transformative experiences.

02:25 PM

Special Address

Tamarind, India Habitat Centre
Special Address by Mr. Manoj Sharma, Managing Director, MicroSave.

02:45 PM

Sustainability , SDGs and Fintech

Tamarind, India Habitat Centre
We are delighted to share exciting news with you. Mr. Ratnesh, Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in India, will be the distinguished speaker for the session titled "Sustainability, SDGs, and Fintech" at our upcoming conference. As an expert in the field of sustainable development and a key advocate for responsible business practices, Mr. Ratnesh will delve into the intersection of sustainability and fintech, highlighting the immense potential for fintech to drive positive social and environmental impact. During this engaging session, Mr. Ratnesh will discuss the pivotal role of UNGC-India in promoting sustainable business practices within the fintech industry. He will explore how fintech can be harnessed as a powerful tool for advancing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), fostering financial inclusion, supporting environmental sustainability, and promoting gender equality. Join us to gain valuable insights into the transformative potential of fintech in driving sustainable development and to learn about the innovative initiatives spearheaded by UNGC-India in this space.

03:05 PM

Financial Inclusion through fintech lending for Credit Starved Women Entrepreneurs - Potential of fintech lenders in bridging the divide.

Tamarind, India Habitat Centre
We are thrilled to announce another distinguished speaker for our conference session titled "Financial Inclusion through Fintech Lending for Credit Starved Women Entrepreneurs - Potential of Fintech Lenders in Bridging the Divide." We are honored to have Ms. Radhika Agashe, Executive Director of ACCESS, as the speaker for this important topic. Ms. Agashe is an expert in the field of financial inclusion and has been instrumental in driving impactful initiatives to empower women entrepreneurs. In this session, she will share her insights and expertise on how fintech lenders can play a significant role in bridging the credit divide for women entrepreneurs who have historically faced challenges accessing formal financial services. Ms. Agashe will discuss the potential of fintech lending in providing accessible financing options to credit-starved women entrepreneurs. She will shed light on the innovative approaches and inclusive financial solutions offered by fintech lenders to promote financial inclusion and support the growth of women-owned enterprises. Join us to gain valuable knowledge about the transformative impact of fintech lending in empowering women entrepreneurs and driving economic growth.

03:15 PM

Key Note Address by the Chief Guest

03:30 PM

Keynote Address

Tamarind, India Habitat Centre
We are delighted to announce an esteemed speaker for our conference's Keynote Address. We are honored to have Mr. Abhijit Phukon, IES, Economic Advisor, and Joint Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, as our keynote speaker. Mr. Phukon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of economics and financial affairs. His insights into the current economic landscape and the role of fintech lending in India will be invaluable. As a prominent figure in the government, Mr. Phukon will share his perspectives on the potential of fintech lending to drive economic growth, financial inclusion, and sustainable development in India.

03:35 PM

Session for G20

03:50 PM

Tea Break

Tamarind, India Habitat Centre
Tea Break

04:10 PM

Panel Discussion: Fintech Lending and MSME Finance

Tamarind, India Habitat Centre
We are excited to present a dynamic panel discussion on "Fintech Lending and MSME Finance" followed by an engaging Q&A session. Join us as we bring together industry leaders and experts to shed light on the crucial role of fintech in revolutionizing lending practices and driving financial inclusion for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Our esteemed panelists include Ms. Pallavi Shrivastava, Co-founder of Procap, Sh. Sashank, President of DLAI, a representative from SIDBI, Sh. Alok Mittal, CEO of Indifi Technologies Pvt. Ltd, and Sh. Harshwardhan Lunia, CEO of Lendingkart. Together, they will share their insights, experiences, and expertise on leveraging fintech solutions to address the unique financing challenges faced by MSMEs, enabling their growth and contributing to the overall economic development. With a diverse range of perspectives and industry knowledge, this panel discussion promises to be a thought-provoking session for attendees. Stay tuned for the announcement of the moderator, who will skillfully guide the discussion, ensuring an interactive and informative session. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the future of fintech lending and its impact on MSME finance.

Pallavi Shrivastava

Siddharth Mahanot

Renuka Sane

Amit Arora

05:00 PM

Vote of Thanks

Tamarind, India Habitat Centre
Vote of Thanks By DLAI

05:05 PM

High Tea and Networking

Seminar Speakers

Siddharth Mahanot

Siddharth Mahanot


Siddharth Mahanot is the Cofounder & COO of Indifi Technologies, a leading digital lending platform established with a vision to bridge the cr...

Pallavi Shrivastava

Pallavi Shrivastava

Co Founder and Director, Pr...

Pallavi is the Co-Founder of Progcap, an award-winning, inclusive financial technology firm that is working ato empower the underserved micro-merchants in India with financing and digitizat...

Amit Arora

Amit Arora

Sr Rural Finance Specialist...

Amit is a commercial banker turned rural development finance specialist with World Bank Group
since 2016. Having started his career with a ...

Renuka Sane

Renuka Sane

Research Director at TrustB...

Renuka Sane is Research Director at TrustBridge. Her research interests lie in financial markets reg...

Co Organisers

G20Empower-UNGC India

G20Empower-UNGC India

G20Empower-UNGC India
G20Empower-UNGC India


India Habitat Centre

Lodhi Road Near Airforce Bal Bharati School, Lodhi Rd, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi, Delhi ,New Delhi

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