Disrupt 4.0 - Business of A.I.
Apr 14, 2017
05:00 PM - 07:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
BHIVE Workspace Residency Road, Residency Road Shanthala Nagar,Ashok Nagar

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Business of AI:

"AI is the new electricity" - Andrew Ng, former Chief Data Scientist, Baidu

Artificial Intelligence is the new frontier for human evolution. Intelligent Machines powering the planet Earth and all sectors therein. It will upend industries, cause fundamental shifts in processes and jobs, and create unprecedented innovation.

The question one wishes to answer is, how and why it impacts industry and how it can be leveraged by businesses of all hues.

To discuss the upheavals in what is being termed the 4th Industrial Revolution, we present "Disrupt4.0 - Business of AI", a thought-provoking talk series which will explore what AI might mean for business and industry, along with basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a core new skill set for one and all.

Disrupt4.0 will give you the case studies to show how your organisation can leverage AI in your industry today. Welcome to the era of 4th Industrial Revolution !

Speaker: 1) Vishal Singhal


t: @vishalsinghal 

2) Guest Speaker

Some of the topics to watch out for include:

Decoding AI, what is it all about?

How is it beneficial to Industry?

Use cases in various industries.

Basics of Machine Learning.

Who should attend?

Business managers, CxOs, Heads of Business Development, Strategy Directors, Directors, Heads of Sales & Marketing, Heads of Call/ Contact Managers, Product Managers, Business Development Managers, Head of HR/ Training/ Marketing/ BD/ Growth, Content Monetisation Managers and Heads.

  1. ​BHIVE Workspace Residency Road,
    Residency Road Shanthala Nagar,Ashok Nagar,
    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Organiser : Vishal Singhal

Vishal Singhal

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Disrupt 4.0 - Business of A.I.

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