Deccan Rock: The Fourth Edition

Sep 24, 2016
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Geo Garden, Leonia Holistic Destination, Shamirpet,
Hyderabad,India View map →

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Deccan Rock is an all-day heavy metal music festival featuring TWO international and SIX Indian bands. The festival supports awareness about global warming, and will take place at Geo Garden in Leonia Holistic destination, Hyderabad. The festival is also associated with NGOs and Government bodies to promote awareness on climate change and global warming. This year's edition is expected to gather 1500 people from all over the country, especially from the cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai and also people from the Indian subcontinent of Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Deccan Rock will also have a full-fledged carnival with stalls and attractions to have people engaged and also spread awareness.

An afterparty will also be organized limited to 500 people.

The LINEUP: After bringing down international artists like Amon Amarth, Textures, Gojira, TesseracT, and more, the lineup for the fourth edition is definitely one of the biggest and most badass festivals in the country. This year's lineup includes:

A Polish blackened death metal band from Gdańsk, formed in 1991. The band has their own signature mix of black and death metal retaining their signature style characterised by the drum work of Inferno, multi-layered vocals and Middle-Eastern influences.

Meta-stasis is a technical death metal band from UK. Formed by founding members of Ted Maul and SikTh, the band combines psycho-extreme-tech-death metal and industrial/jungle. The band has played many international tours and festivals in the past few years, including Metal Days, UK Tech Fest, Bloodstock, etc.

Inner Sanctum
A death/trash metal band from Bangalore, India. Since they started off in 2006, the band has played almost every major heavy metal festival in India, including supporting bands such as Metallica, Slayer, Cradle of Filth, etc.

Primitiv is a supergroup from Bombay with members from Albatross, Hellwind, Blood Meridian and Morticide who play a brand of death/doom/sludge/heavy which they term as Stone Age Metal.

Formed in mid-2015, Godless is a five-piece Thrash/Death metal band from Hyderabad. Although a relatively new band, Godless has been creating waves in the local metal scene with their heavy, abrasive and raw brand of thrash-influenced death metal with elements of both the new and old school.

Dark Helm
Dark Helm is a metal band from Pune who play a signature brand of progressive metal with their catchy riffs, breakdowns, and groove. The band as gained much recognition in India as well as internationally over the past few months owing to their endorsements, record label and tight live performances.

Elemental is a four-piece Bhopali death metal band from India. The band has played extensively across the country and their blend of straight-up, no nonsense death metal makes them one of India's finest exports in this genre.

Primal Abuse
Hyderabad's very own Primal Abuse is a four piece thrash metal band from Hyderabad formed in 2012. They have made their mark in the metal scene with their aggressive performances consisting of heavy riffs coupled with powerful drumming and screaming vocals.

What you should look out for:
1. 8 heavy metal bands that will rip the place apart!
2. A carnival combined with a music festival for a cause.
3. Tree plantations and plantation drives before the festival.
4. Hyderabad's most amazing venue - Geo Garden at Leonia Holistic Destination.
5. Great accommodation options at LICEC and Celebrity Resorts.
6. An after-party with good classic rock and metal music.
7. Hyderabadi biryani!

Brace yourselves for one of the best live gigs the country will see!

Deccan Rock is an initiative by Orka Networks.

To stay updated on everything related to the festival, follow us on Facebook -

Twitter - @DeccanRock 

Gates open at: 12 noon

Performances begin at: 12:30 PM

Show ends at: 10:00 PM

Bus departs at: 10:15 PM

Afterparty: 10:30 PM onward

Afterparty curfew: 1:30 AM

Bus departs from the venue at: 1:45 AM

Q. Where can I reach you?

Q. How far is the venue (Leonia Holistic Destination) from the airport, Celebrity Resorts, Hyderabad Train station, Banjara Hills, Begumpet (in km) ?
A. The venue (Leonia) is 77kms away from the airport, 4kms away from Celebrity Resorts, 30kms from Nampally Railway Station, 31 kms away from Banjara Hills, 26kms away from Begumpet.

Q. Where is the accommodation that you are providing on your ticketing website located?
A. LICEC, Leonia is at Leonia Resorts which is where the Deccan Rock venue is. Celebrity Resorts is 5 minutes away from the venue(Leonia).

Q. How do I get to the venue and back if I am staying in the city?
A. We will be organizing bus pickups from the city at certain intervals which will be posted later. Bus drops will be available after the show and also post afterparty.

You can also hire private cabs from the city, book cabs via Ola or even pick public bus transport.

Q. Where other than explara can I buy tickets?
A. Only on Explara. We do not have physical tickets available.

Q. Till what time will the after party go on?
A. 1:30am.

Q. Are the tickets limited?
A. Yes, 1500 tickets for the festival and 500 for the afterparty.

Q. What will happen at the afterparty, would I be able to meet the bands or Behemoth?
A. The afterparty will consist of alcohol sales till 1:30am. A classic rock\metal playlist will be organized for a good time. All the bands on the bill will be at the afterparty. The International bands will be in a cordoned area and if they feel like mingling with the fans, they will be present in the common area. Rest assured it will be a post-gig party.

Q. How many people in a room at LICEC, Leonia?Will booking 3 at a time mean people will get a whole room to themselves, or will they be accommodated wherever available? What if I book just one?
A. Three people in a DORMITORY room at LICEC,Leonia.

A single(sharing) person's cost is 1500INR. If you book one, you will be entitled to share the room with 2 other people selected at random.

If you book two, we will do our best to ensure the two of you stay together and you will also be sharing your room with a third person we allot.

If you book three, you will be provided the complete room which has a capacity of 3 people.

There will be shared bathrooms.

Q. Booking in Celebrity means booking the entire room? Are there options for individual people as well?
A. Yes, the costs mentioned are entire room costs. There are no options for individual people. You can however book a complete room and share it with someone you find if you are an individual.

Q. Besides a room, what additional facilities are offered at LICEC and Celebrity in my package?
LICEC, Leonia:

Complimentary Breakfast


Access to Splash (Mini-Water Park)

Access to Indoor & Outdoor Games

20% Discount on Food at Restaurants


Complimentary Breakfast

Access to Swimming Pool
Access to indoor and outdoor games*

*Apart from paid games.

Q. What are the check-in and check-out times?
A. Check-in : 10AM.
Check-out: before 12noon.

Q. Can any of the accommodations be booked last minute?
A. We cannot guarantee. The number of rooms are limited and it will be based on the availability of rooms.

Q. Is there any other hotel/ accommodation options available nearby to the venue?
A. Yes, you will find a few options online for hotel bookings near Shamirpet(venue address).

Q. Are there combined packages for accommodation and the festival ticket?
A. No.

Q. What is the total capacity of the venue?
A. 2000.

Q. Is there an early bird offer? If not, are there any ways to get discounts on tickets?
A. There are no early bird tickets, but you can look out for offers now and then.

There is a way to get a 25% discount on the festival entry ticket. (Applies on the first 200 video entries)
You have to :

-Record a video of you planting a sapling and say "I will be at Deccan Rock 4 on 24th September in Hyderabad to Scream against Global Warming."

-Upload the video with public settings and tag 'Deccan Rock' page. Use hahtags #DeccanRockIV and #OrkaNetworks.

-Inbox the link to us at the Deccan Rock page.

Q. What time will the festival realistically start and end?
A. Gates open - 12noon.
Festival Curfew : 10:00pm.

Q. Is there a VIP ticket option? Or a meet and greet pass?
A. No.

Q. Are there any discounts available when multiple tickets are booked?
A. No.

Q. Can organisations tie up with the festival? If so, then in what way?
A. Yes. Email us at

Q. Will there be food arrangements made at the venue besides snacks? Will there also be alcohol at the venue?
A. Yes, there will be stalls serving food and alcohol.

Q. Is it required to carry a valid ID proof to enter the festival?
A. Yes. Also an attendee must be 21+ to consume alcohol.

Q. If the festival ticket is bought by someone else (father, friend) what would be required to claim these tickets at the box office at the festival?
A. Booking receipt print or SMS and the card used to book the tickets.

Q. Will bands be selling their merchandise? Will merchandise by international artists be available on the day of the gig?
A. Yes.

Organiser : Renu McGarry

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Deccan Rock: The Fourth Edition

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