Nov 1, 2022 - Nov 3, 2022
05:30 PM - 11:30 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
$ 900

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So Master  Shifu..

You are here...


Ah! I see that you have found the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom

 But is it enough??

Would you be able to find the next Dragon Warrior to help transcend to where Master Oogway was...

It’s the time transcendence. It’s the time to elevate yourself to the highest you.

Come, let the heavenly lights guide you to freedom, Where you can truly walk away

And, No, you don’t need to bath in the 'Pond of Sacred tears'


You just have to survive a few more hours learning with me


To reach the pinnacle of Scrum Master, To BE the Certified Scrum Professional


So come join me in this journey my friend..

But here are some details for you before we start:


The ScrumAlliance Certified Scrum Professional – Scrum Master(CSP-SM) is the pinnacle course for Scrum Masters  where you learn how to influence not just our team but the whole organization. In this course you polish your skills as a coach, trainer and a change catalyst. You will learn how to be a better version of you .. contiously


But before you join the workshop, here are a few things that you need to have:

  • An Advanced Certified Scrum Master® (A-CSM) certification with the Scrum Alliance (A valid , active one!) .
  • At least 24 months of work experience specific to the role of Scrum Master  (within the past five years) .. [No, no, not the title, the actual role… as Shakespeare said what’s in a name , a name is a name].
  • The zeal and skills ;) to survive the rigor of the workshop.
  • Eagerness to share your experience to the world and learning from others’ experiences .


But how do I know that I will get the best value for my money?

Trust Pilot rating: 4.95/5

Here are some kind words from co-learners which might help you decide


Madhur Kathuria guided us through 2 full days packed with lot of contents. Not only he gave us a solid understanding of the CSPO role but also provided lots of insights taken from real experience. I would love taking more courses with him, so I'm looking forward to see new certifications on his schedule!


“Speaker allowed attendees to engage. Thus, I learned a lot from the experiences of the other attendees. Will definitely join other workshop of Madhur”


“The 2 day session was really engaging. The lessons have been presently really well, with clarity and examples on each discussion points. The participants has a venue to share our thoughts, inquiries and brainstorm. This course is highly recommended!”

“Excellent. Very engaging presentation with minimal slides, more activity, real life examples to illustrate the concepts”


“Instructor was able to answer queries from the class using interesting anecdotes and applicable real-life examples. He also set things into context and gave clarity to terms that we often use interchangeably. Learning pace and environment was not constrained by virtual limitations. Overall, he managed to keep us all engaged and met the objectives of this course.”


“The trainer was extremely competent in the scrum methodology. With each concept, he was able to provide clear examples and teach us the cognitive process he went through in his examples.”


About your trainer:

A Certified Scrum Trainer , Certified Enterprise Coach and an Enterprise Transformation coach by profession, a nomad by choice, and a networker through passion, I look forward to life as a vault full of opportunities and I strongly believe every person has the right key to unlock this potential.

My firm belief in agile philosophy and principles brought me to the world of Agile coaching and transformation and after being lucky to be certified as India’s first Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), my endeavor is to spread the benefits of Agile by helping others adopt the essence of Agile methods and avoid the Scrumyths..

Having connected with close to 25000+ friends and colleagues till now through agile coaching, training and conferences, the hunger is still alive to make more friends in our small agile world.

 I have been lucky to have learned and taught co-learners from Canada, USA, Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Norway, The Netherlands, Poland, Nigeria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and many more though my CSM , CSPO , Agile basics and Open Space Agility workshops.


So, do drop me a line, if I could be of any help...

Organiser : Madhur Kathuria

Madhur Kathuria []

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