Crystal Ball Gazing

Jul 30, 2017
10:00 AM - 05:30 PM
AUM KARMA Centre for Holistic Studies, Meditation, & Spirituality, Kailash Hills, 168, Kailash Hills New Delhi
New Delhi,India

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Humans have performed ‘Scrying’ for centuries. It is the art of gazing on to a smooth surface to see beyond the range of your normal vision, to look through the psychic eye in to the current or the future situations. The images seen in the crystal ball come from deep within one’s sub-conscious mind and the crystal ball is the door through which the sub-conscious thoughts can be accessed.
Crystal ball gazing is a form of divination achieved through trans-induction by means of gazing at the crystal. This skill allows opening the third eye leading to clairvoyance.
Intensive learning of the art & technique of Scrying effectively.  


Organiser : Aalok Sood

Crystal Ball Gazing

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