Container Security Monitoring Using Open Source
Dec 20, 2018
03:30 PM - 05:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)

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Developers and Operations teams (DevOps) have moved towards containers and modern technologies. Monitoring and defending against attacks can prove to nightmare. The world is advancing towards accelerated deployments using DevOps and cloud native technologies. In this talk we will see how to monitor for security events using open source solutions to build an actionable monitoring system. We can apply this solutions to individual container run times like Docker or monitoring at cluster level like Kubernetes.


While developers, operators and enterprises are adopting containers, security is still considered as one of the prime challenges in container utilisation - According to a survey conducted by Forrester 43% of the enterprises reported that their biggest concern to container utilisation is security.

Developers and Operations teams (DevOps) have moved to containers because it makes it easy to build, package and promote an application along with all its dependencies. As the technology advances, so are the attacker’s methodologies to catch up the security flaws.

In this webinar by Madhu Akula you will learn the security techniques on container configurations, exposures, vulnerabilities, security misconfigurations & monitoring containerise applications using Open Source Solutions. Container security is the protection to maintain the integrity of containers and is a continuous process which should be followed by the users.  You can discuss your real-world scenarios and gain insights to secure your container assets.

Learn On -

  • How to secure the container pipeline & the application

  • How to secure the container deployment & infrastructure

  • How to properly set the enterprise security tools or enhance the existing policies

Who Should Attend:

If you're handling containers/container-based applications, or just beginning exploring containers, you'll want to attend to understand the security models of containers. Containers have fundamentally changed to varying degrees & the webinar is highly recommended for IT and System Administrators, DevOps and Security Teams.

About Speaker:

Madhu is a security ninja, security and DevOps researcher with extensive experience in the industry ranging from client facing assignments building scalable and secure infrastructure, to publishing industry leading research to running training sessions for companies and governments alike. 

Madhu’s research papers are frequently selected for major security industry conferences including Defcon 24, All Day DevOps (2016, 2017), DevSecCon (London, Singapore, Boston), DevOpsDays India, c0c0n, Serverless Summit ToorCon, DefCamp, SkydogCon, NolaCon and null, etc. Madhu was a keynote speaker for the National Cyber Security conference at Dayananda Sagar College in Feb 2016.

Madhu has trained over 5000 people in information security for companies and organisations including the Indian Navy and the Ministry of e-services in a leading Gulf state.

Specialities: DevSecOps, SecDevOps, Security Automation, DevOps, Cloud Security, Application Security, Penetration Testing

Organiser : Ashish Dalal

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Container Security Monitoring Using Open Source

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