Ricardo J Martins - Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival 2018

Dec 16, 2018
06:30 PM - 07:30 PM
Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Ho Chi Minh Sarani Kankaria Estates,Park Street area

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RICARDO J MARTINS: The Portuguese Guitar
Ricardo J. Martins was born in Faro on February 3, 1984.

While he was always influenced by various musical genres, it was through the Portuguese Guitar that he could truly express his musicality. He was struck by the music of Carlos Paredes, and his songs and this instrument naturally led him to his musical journey.

Although the Portuguese Guitar is mostly used to accompany Fado, Martins sees in it an enormous capacity as a solo instrument and plays both the Lisbon Guitar and the Coimbra Guitar.

Martins is constantly in search of new ways of expression on the Portuguese Guitar through composition and performance. But even in this search, he is committed to the roots of the instrument. It was with this sensibility that he recorded “Cantos e Lamentos”, his second album, in 2017. This work includes musicians and instruments usually seen beyond the scope of Fado, such as the recorder, accordion, lyrical voice and percussions, as well as different musical experiences, giving to this work a unique personal stamp that goes from the music Traditional Portuguese music to classical music.
Martins has presented his music in different countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Serbia, England, Germany and Cape Verde.

Fado is the traditional folk music from Portugal described by UNESCO as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage”. It is usually characterised by mournful tunes and lyrics, often about the sea or the life of the poor, and infused with a sentiment of resignation, fatefulness and melancholia. The Portuguese Guitar (an ethnic instrument which resembles more the mandolin than the contemporary) is the main accompanying instrument for this song.

Ricardo J Martins will be performing as part of the 9 th edition of the Calcutta International Classical
Guitar Festival held from 14-16 December 2018 at the ICCR, Kolkata.


Organiser : Indian Guitar Federation

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Ricardo J Martins - Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival 2018

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