Máté Palásti - Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival 2018

Dec 15, 2018
05:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Ho Chi Minh Sarani Kankaria Estates,Park Street area

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Máté Palásti has been playing music since the age of six. His first instrument was the flute, then he played the violin and at the age of nine the guitar became his main instrument. After secondary school, he was admitted to the Snétberger Music Talent Center, in Hungary. At a very young age, he had the occasion to play music with Richard Bona, Paolo Vinaccia and Ferenc Snétberger. Roma roots are very important in his life, and influence his musical dimension. He plays jazz, latin, brazilian
and flamenco music and his improvisation skills make his music unique.

Máté Palásti will be performing as part of the 9 th edition of the Calcutta International Classical Guitar
Festival held from 14-16 December 2018 at the ICCR, Kolkata.


Organiser : Indian Guitar Federation

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Máté Palásti - Calcutta International Classical Guitar Festival 2018

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