Certified Agile Leadership (CAL-E/O) with Michael K Sahota
Jan 20, 2024 - Jan 21, 2024
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
Chanakyapuri, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi,India
₹ 72250

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What You Will Learn

  • What To Do Tomorrow: Practical daily changes you can easily make that lead to a radical shift in your level of influence that impact your organizational performance.
  • Evolutionary Leadership: How you can move beyond traditional leadership models to reclaim your ability to create rapid change.
  • Culture Tools: How to diagnose culture and create a local culture shift without authority, power or budget.
  • Beyond Agile: Understand how to integrate Agile into traditional cultures to overcome 90% of the challenges with transformation.
  • Eliminate Resistance: Learn how to eliminate hidden causes of resistance.
  • Transformation: Change patterns to increase awareness, desire and motivation for change. Practical roadmaps to scale with your people.
  • Unlocking Metrics: Identify common traps to focus on the KPIs that really matter. Learn the Sahota Innovation of how metrics are measured. Unlock the truth of the how your organization is performing

SELF Framework: Scaling Excellence with People

You will learn the maps, models, principles and tools needed to unlock Business Agility and create an environment where Agile can thrive. This is the only Certified Agile Leadership Training based on the SHIFT314 Evolutionary Leadership Framework (SELF).

  • This is NOT for you if you are looking for another tool or tactic that will get you marginal growth in your organization.
  • This is for you if you want a breakthrough experience that turns you into the leader you want to be.

About the Certification:

Graduates will receive the Certified Agile Leadership (CAL-E & CAL-O) designation from Scrum Alliance®.

  • 16 PDUs | 16 SEUs
  • 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance®
  • 1 Free Book
  • Registered Education Provider with Scrum Alliance® and PMI

Meet Michael, Your Breakthrough Certified Agile Trainer

Michael K Sahota, through a journey marked by personal challenges and profound growth, has emerged as a beacon of transformative leadership. As the mastermind behind the groundbreaking Shift3.14 Evolutionary Leadership Framework™ (SELF), he offers a unique blend that weaves together strategy, organizational culture, and resonant leadership principles. His acclaimed literary contributions, including “An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide” and “Emotional Science: The Key to High Performance”, serve as essential guides for leaders navigating complex terrains. Beyond the written word, Michael’s dynamic training and consulting sessions penetrate the depths of the human ego, equipping professionals with transformative insights and tools. His overarching mission is clear: catalyze and nurture evolutionary leadership with the potential to instigate meaningful, global change.

  1. ​Chanakyapuri,
    New Delhi, Delhi, India

Organiser : Madhur Kathuria

Madhur Kathuria

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Certified Agile Leadership (CAL-E/O) with Michael K Sahota

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