Brevet Shravani...200+300+600 k
Mar 24, 2017 - Mar 26, 2017
11:00 PM - 05:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
The Bike Shop, 46/3,Sri Aurobindo Marg Sarojini Nagar Market,Yusuf Sarai
New Delhi,India

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Dear All ,Welcome to Brevet “Shravani ”
Why “ Shravani”?

As DR Tradition goes we name Brevets after eccentric cycling souls.....Shravani Sen it is !
Folks this time we do the honours of naming it on Delhi Randonneur's very first Lady 1200K cracker who happens to be also only the 3rd lady in the country to have cracked a 1200K Helmets off .

Keeping to the tradition that we won’t let you sit
quiet for long, We now throwing our gates open for our next set of Jumbo Brevet event a set of 200K,300K and a 600K and
100K Pop on the weekend of 25th and 26th March.
The ride will start from Bike shop at 12 Midnight of 24th/25th.
Reporting time 11 pm...

This is an internationally certified ACP France
approved DR Brevet under AIR flagship.
200 Register Here -
300 Register Here -
600 Register Here-
100 PoP Register Here-

200K,300 K,and 600K riders need to Register
with AIR Membership #

Which can be applied at -

Note- 200K and 300 K Riders must register
themselves for the ride at the AIR site at

Keeping in view that we get as many riders from all
over NCR, we will start this from The Bike Shop fondly called Shadi shuda Gaurav Uncle ki

here is the

The 200K riders will turn back from Panipat,
300 K rider will go till Channa Highway King Dhaba Opp, Burger King
Karna Haveli

600K riders will turn back from Khanna

  1. ​The Bike Shop,
    46/3,Sri Aurobindo Marg Sarojini Nagar Market,Yusuf Sarai,
    New Delhi, Delhi, India

Organiser : Chiro mitra

Chiro mitra

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Brevet Shravani...200+300+600 k

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