Multi-Brevet - Brevet Fees for 300- and 600-km Brevet on 20 Oct

Sep 21, 2017 - Oct 19, 2018
07:00 AM - 09:00 PM

This event has ended. Please contact organizer for more details.

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Event Details: 

Visit the event page on

Complete the ENTIRE process:
** AIR membership - You need to become a member of Audax India Randonneurs if you wish to ride a brevet... visit
** Event Registration on AIR website - after you get your AIR Rider Number
** Brevet Fees - Make the online payment

Before you leave home for this brevet, ensure that you have taken the following
- helmet
- headlight
- red taillight (keep in steady mode, not blinking, while riding)
- spare batteries (to last throughout the night)
- reflective vest (available with most "uniform shops")
- rider number (to be written/printed and displayed on the front and rear of your bike throughout the brevet)
- ATM card (debit/credit card, to be swiped at unmanned control points)
NOTE: If any of the above items is missing, you will not be allowed to ride the event.

Please bear in mind the following points:
- Brevets are self-supported. Become self-reliant!
- No personal support vehicles are allowed.
- Carry your own spare tubes and puncture kits.
- Ensure you are prepared - both physically and mentally.
- Keep basic first aid, and any personal medicines.
- Carry sufficient hydration
- Carry emergency food with you - biscuits, bananas, energy bars, dry fruits etc
- Acquaint yourself with all the Ride Rules (
The penalty for breaking some of them is a lifetime ban from all AIR / ACP events!

- Report at the start point, an hour before the start time, to complete the ride formalities on time:
** Registration
** Waiver Form: Download the form (, print it, fill it out and hand it over at the start point Registration desk. 
** Brevet Card
** Bike check: Please bring all the Compulsory items mentioned earlier.
** Ride Briefing: 15 minutes before flagoff

All the best!
Ride safe... Have fun! :-) 


Organiser : Anil J

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Multi-Brevet - Brevet Fees for 300- and 600-km Brevet on 20 Oct

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