Best Practices Meet 2016 - Explara
Best Practices Meet 2016
Jun 22, 2016 - Jun 23, 2016
09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
ITC Gardenia, Residency Road,
Bengaluru,India View map →

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Best Practices Meet 2016

… Security Data Science

Security has been articulated conventionally with three key concepts ‘confidentiality’, ‘integrity’ and ‘availability’. However, eventually more concepts such as ‘protect’, ‘defend’ and ‘deter’ have been added to articulate the meaning of security. Discussion of security remained around these words, giving emphasis to prevention and deterrence. However, this has been changing due to the revelation of many new age attacks, increasing exposures, highly visible compromises, relatively large scale disruptions observed and surprising examples of exploitations. There are numerous ways that these attacks, compromises and exploitation can happen. Any system build for only protection & deterrence is bound to fail short of the challenges. Hence, the focus of security deliberation is now shifting from ‘protection’ and ‘deterrence’ to detect and ‘response’. ‘Detection’, ‘Monitoring’, ‘Responding’, ‘Investigating’ and ‘Recovering’ have been becoming key concepts of contemporary securitydeliberations.

Due to rapid digital transformation of businesses, underlying infrastructure is becoming more complex. The requests of access to organizational resources are rising multi-fold, demand of flexibility and seamless operations are bringing new devices and ways of connectivity and drive of hyper-specialization is extending an origination’s boundaries rapidly. Security threats, on the other hand, are becoming more focused and targeted. They are deploying more and more sophisticated techniques.This was evident in revelation of many targeted attacks, which deployed multi-vector, multi-channel, flexi-architecture method in the operations spread across multi-geography. Nation states add to the gravity of the problem by arranging significant resources for sophistication of techniques, development of customized attack tools and finding unknown vulnerabilities. Such advanced attacks remain in the systems for many days, months or even years before detection.

Human intervention driven conventional methods may not really work. Many permutation and combinations, many historical and current contexts and many aspects are required to consider to take a security decision. This amounts to collecting and processing a large set of information for security decision making. Stream of information collected from security and IT sources plays an important role in taking a real-time decision. A decision has to also factor many historical contexts and developments. Historical data processing, thus, also be an important for taking effective security decision. Data science, as a field have been evolving to solve many pertinent business problems. Sheer challenges of security offer quite interesting challenges to the field of data science. Security has emerged as a critical area for application of data science.

Security Data Science is now becoming a founding block of most of the contemporary security solutions. Different use cases of security data science have been developed into solutions and many more are coming. DSCI Best Practices Meet focus on the contemporary evolution of security by organizing its content and deliberations under a dominant theme. This year’s version will focus on ‘Security Data Science’. Apart from delving into fundamentals, it would extensively deliberate on different uses cases of security data science that are shaping security technology market. Best Practices Meet (BPM) would also provide an opportunity to take a review of policy development, deliberations on the global issues related to security and privacy and check the progress of cyber security industry development efforts.

  1. ​ITC Gardenia,
    Residency Road,,
    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Organiser : Rahul Mutreja

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Best Practices Meet 2016

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