Bitcoin Learning for Entrepreneurs and Startups in India
Sep 27, 2015
02:30 PM - 06:30 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
Coinsecure Office, Emerald Chambers, 2nd Floor, Green Park Layout (Opp to Pizza Hut)Ramamurthynagar

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In 2008, a research paper titled "Bitcoin" was published by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is still unclear if Satoshi is a person or a group of members as nobody has claimed ownership of the paper or the software yet. In any case, the paper and the software that was released in 2009 has resulted in the disruption of the financial industry. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is backed by a decentralized network of distributed computers called the Bitcoin network also called Blockchain. This network allows financial transactions between two or more members without the need to trust each other. In other words, Person A with a few bitcoins can send some of those bitcoins to Person B on the Bitcoin network without having to worry about the actual identity of Person B - bitcoins are securely transmitted over the network.

Since 2009, countries like Africa, China, Estonia, India Infosys, Argentina, Germany, UK, USA and many more have recognized this digital currency and its technology. People have used bitcoins for e-Commerce transactions since last couple of years. Many Startups are building innovative products & services that facilitate safe & easy transactions over the Bitcoin network. Prominent Venture Capitalists & Investment banks like Andreessen Horowitz, New York Stock Exchange NYSE, Khosla Ventures, Goldman Sachs etc., have recently invested money in Bitcoin Startups like Circle, 21 Inc., Coinbase to name a few.

In the future, we might see bitcoin as another type of currency apart from the traditional fiat currency with it's own set of niche applications. Alternately, it might replace the existing Credit Card payments network. Bitcoin buzz is everywhere & it's Blockchain is a promising technology that could become the future of internet!


Workshop Fee: Rs 1500
Total Time: 5 hours

Bitcoin is a relatively new concept in India & is making news all over the startup space. Many entrepreneurs are interested in building a Bitcoin product/service in India but don't have the resources or knowledge to start the process. This workshop will give an overview of the business, economic, & technical aspects of Bitcoin in India.

The following are the topics will be covered:

1. Introduction to Bitcoins

2. Economic aspects of Bitcoins

3. Details of the Blockchain Technology

4. Some practical Use Cases

5. Bitcoin Documentary


1. Entrepreneurs

2. Startups

3. Students

4. Anybody interested in financial innovation or just plain bitcoin technology in itself.


This Workshop is brought to you by Coinsecure venue, Pradeep Prabhu speaker and Vikram Nikkam speaker.

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Pradeep is the Founder of a Startup Accelerator/Incubator called Fillip & runs a Meetup group:

Vikram is the Founder of first ever Crypto Fintech Company in India called Unocoin. He hosts a successful Bitcoin Meetup group:

  1. ​Coinsecure Office,
    Emerald Chambers, 2nd Floor, Green Park Layout (Opp to Pizza Hut)Ramamurthynagar,
    Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Organiser : Pradeep Prabhu

Pradeep Prabhu

Cell # 91 9900531974

Vikram Nikkam

Cell # 91 8971763379

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Bitcoin Learning for Entrepreneurs and Startups in India

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