Bioinformatics | Basics to Advanced | 7 Day Course

Mar 18, 2018 - Mar 24, 2018
09:00 PM - 11:00 PM

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BioDiscovery Group, India is the first to launch online training in several topics and doing it since 2010 for participants from all over the world. Till date we have successfully trained hundreds of participants who were not only students but scientists, faculties, professor, company executives, etc.  This unique training program in Bioinformatics will give insights of this technology and the learning will be from Basic to Advanced. In spite of being young, the science of Bioinformatics exhibits tremendous potential for playing a major role in the future development of science and technology. This is evident from the fact that modern biology and related sciences are increasingly becoming dependent on this new technology. The course is complete hands on and practical application will be performed on software and online servers so to understand the application of this revolutionary technology. Everyday the training sessions will be conducted from 9-11 PM India time so you can easily finish your College/University/Work and participate.


  • Introduction to Bioinformatics- A brief introduction to Bioinformatics will be given with its relation with Biotechnology and other life sciences subjects along with its applications.
  • Bioinformatics Databases- An introduction to different databases will be given which are used in basic bioinformatics. E.g.: NCBI, PubMed, PubChem etc.
  • File Formats- Introduction to basic file formats will be given. E.g.: Fasta format, Genbank flat file format, EMBL flat file format etc.
  • Bibliographic Search- How to gather information regarding any topic of interest, referring to different research papers available in NCBI.
  • Sequence Retrieval from Protein and Nucleic Acid Databases- To retrieve sequence from the specific databases
  • Sequence Search by Using FASTA and BLAST- To obtain similar sequences from sequence database for a given sequence using BLAST and FASTA algorithm
  • Pairwise Alignment of Sequences- To align two different sequence using EMBOSS Pairwise Alignment Algorithms.
  • Multiple Sequence Alignment and Pattern Search- To align the given multiple sequence by using "ClustalW" and to find pattern of protein by using scan PROSITE tool.
  • Identification of Functional sites in Genes and Genomes
  • Secondary Structure prediction of Protein and Nucleic Acid
  • Restriction mapping: Analysis 
  • Primer Design
  • Retrieval of Protein structure and Visualisation
  • Superposition of Protein and calculation of RMSD
  • Protein Docking


The course is best suited for Bachelor, Masters, PhD, students as well as Faculty and Professors from Microbiology, BioChemistry, Biotechnology, Immunology, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biomedical Technology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Plant Science and Life Sciences. Professionals: From companies and research institutes.

T & C:

  • Training session will be conducted every day from 9 PM- 11 PM India time.
  • The training sessions will be conducted as chat, so that you can save the session and use it later for reference. NO VIDEO AND NO VOICE CALL.
  • The category in which you register, you will get certificate of that ONLY. So choose the right category.
  • If you register under wrong category then your registration will be invalid and NO REFUND WILL BE MADE IN THIS CASE. This is your mistake and the company is not responsible for it.
  • Only Windows OS is required.
  • Once you register we will send you Welcome email 2 days prior to the workshop. This email will have all details of files, software as well as MESSENGER ID on which you have to send request.
  • Your request will be accepted 5 minutes prior to the start of the workshop. So do not panic if you have sent the request and it is not accepted. It will be accepted 5 minutes prior to your session.
  • If there is power cut/power loss/any other technical difficulty and you miss some part of session then we will compensate that time in the next session. Example, if you have lost 30 minutes then your next session will be of 2:30 minutes instead of 2:00 hours.
  • If you do not turn up for training session on any day then you will be sent an email about the things which would be covered on that day. Next day the next thing will be covered.
  • If you have any urgent work then you can shift that and make sure to be online at your time. The training certificate will be given on successful completion of the tasks.
  • No refund will be made in any case.


Organiser : BioDiscovery Group

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Bioinformatics | Basics to Advanced | 7 Day Course

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