Best Practices Meet 2019 (BPM)

Jul 24, 2019 09:00 AM - Jul 25, 2019 08:00 AM

  • Taj West End,

  • 25,Race Course Road High Grounds,Sampangi Rama Nagar

  • Bengaluru


This event has ended. Please contact organizer for more details.


Security @ Scale

The eleventh edition of the DSCI Best Practices Meet has been conceptualized keeping in view the new paradigm of Security that has arrived and is transforming the way Security is being thought of and is being implemented across organizations. In the context of extreme digitization, rich content delivery, rapid innovation, device superiority, high-speed exchanges and intent to have maximum utilization of infra, it becomes imperative to address the inevitable question- Can Security keep a pace?

Security must keep apace with new paradigms including, but not limited to, context, data and granularity and has to process all of these and take a decision in a minimal amount of time. Security Thinking, as well as Security Operations, will undergo a massive overhaul. Taking a cue from some of the media streaming organizations and some of the other potent platforms, it would be fair to state that consumers of Security solution are now becoming developers of the Security solution, thanks to the open source architecture.

This new paradigm shall warrant enterprises to think through on the aspects of the leadership, operations, sourcing, automation and last but not the least, the skills required. In terms of capabilities, it would require hardware, programming power, large scale data handling and processing, architectural capabilities and a completely different level of monitoring and incident response

Best Practices Meet has been acting as one of the leading fully technology focussed conferences in Cyber Security and has been facilitating congregation of core technologists, practitioners, and users of Security technologies. The two-day conference shall entail engaging deep dive deliberations on some of the aforementioned facets of Security at Scale and shall also have adequate focus on building capacities in the area of security technologies, data protection on the cloud, next-gen network security, malware analysis, and APT defense, digital investigation and advanced forensics.


Taj West End,

25,Race Course Road High Grounds,Sampangi Rama Nagar ,Bengaluru


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