BBCh Race #05 | Downhill (DH) & MTB (XC) Race | 19-JUN-2022
Jun 19, 2022
06:00 AM - 11:30 AM (Asia/Kolkata)
Avathi, Avathi, Nandi Road

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Event Details

When : Sunday, 19th June 2022

Where : Avathi (Next to Shathayu Retreat)

Google Map - Start Point :


Reporting Time :

Lap Distance : ~4.5 kms

Strava Link: 

Race Start : 7:00AM


Trial/Practice Lap for ALL :- 7:00AM | Laps : 1


Category : Open Men

- Time : 7:30 AM

- Laps : 5


Category : Women

- Time : 7:35

- Laps : 3


Cut-off Time: 8:40 AM o'clock for all


Trial/Practice Lap for ALL KIDS :- 8:45AM | Laps : 1


Category : U-16 (Age 11+ to U16)

- Time : 9:00 AM

- Laps : 2/3


Category : U-11 (Age 06+ to U11)

- Time : 9:05

- Laps : 1/2


Category : Kids Fun Ride (U-6)

- Time : 9:20 AM

- Laps : Half lap/1

Cut-off Time for all Kids : 9:00AM


Race Fee : Online -INR 699/- (NO Spot Registration) (Excl. gateway charges)

Kids Race Fee : Online -INR 499/- (NO Spot Registration) (Excl. gateway charges)


- Registration Ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable.

1. We need minimum registration for Elite & Amateur Categories. In case of lesser number of registrations into Elite & Amateur, then both categories will be merged into Open Men.

2. We need minimum 10 participants on race day in U-11 and U-16 Kids categories. In case of lesser number of participation, then that category will be merged with next Higher age category.

3. We need minimum 6 participants on race day in U-11 (Girls/Boys) and U-16 (Girls/Boys) Kids categories. In case of lesser number of participation, then Boys and Girls category will be merged with same category.

ie: If U-11 category has only 5 participants on race day, then we will merge U-11 category with U-16 Category. U-11 and U-16 Category riders will share the same podium.


FB Event:

Strava Link: 

(If any changes in route, we will update and share it on FB page and event page.)

Note : Registration will be closed by Friday, 17th June (Midnight)


Further Details on race page

Note: You might get notifications from the partners once in a while.


Downhill DETAILS 

Reporting Time : 8:30AM

DH Distance : ~900 meters

Strava Link: 

1st Round Start for all : 9:30AM


2nd Round Start for all : 10:30AM


DH Category Details:

1. Full Suspension Bike
2. Hardtail Bike

Full Suspension Bike is open only for Full Suspension Bike, irrespective of age and gender. Rider must have to use Full Suspension Bike. 
Hardtail Bike is open for all Hardtail bike riders, irrespective of age and gender. Rider must have to use Hardtail Bike.


What is Downhill?

Downhill (DH) racing is a time trial event. Riders start at intervals that can vary from 30 seconds to three minutes-depending on the stage of the competition - and the rider with the lowest time wins. As the name of this discipline implies, DH races are held in steep, downhill terrain, resulting in higher speed than in cross-country racing. The terrain is also significantly rougher than in cross-country racing. The bike is designed with long travel suspension and hydraulic disc brakes.


Race Format

Best of Two: 

- Riders start off with ~2 Minutes interval, according to their respective categories and registration list.

- Both round's timing will consider for final result.

- Fastest timing will consider for the final result.

- Riders have 2 race runs, (optional to take only 1 run) - Rider order will change after the first run. Slower riders starts first. - All obstacles are mandatory to clear. - If a crash occurs and the rider takes longer then 3 minutes to return to the track it will be considered as a DNF. - If a rider is blocked behind another rider, cows or public and their is evidence (Gopro feed, photo or video proof, Eye witness), that rider can take an additional run.

Note: - No practice round on race day


Rules of Clothing \ Equipment:

- All participants MUST wear a FULL FACE HELMET

Highly Recommended:

- All participants should covered elbows (3/4 or full length jersey is OK, Elbow pads are even better) NO Singlets

- All participants should covered knees (3/4 or full length pants are OK, Knee pads are even better)

- All participants should wear fully enclosed shoes (No Thongs)

- Body armor, gloves, goggles, neck braces


XC Category Details:

1. Open Men

2. Women

3. Under-16 BOYS/GIRLS (Age between 11+ to 16)

4. Under-11 BOYS/GIRLS (Age between 6+ to 11)

5. Kids Under-06 (kids fun ride)

U-11, U-16 and U-18 category is common for both boys and girls (if lesser participants on race day) who are between the age of 6+ to 11, 11+ to 16 and 16+ to 18. 

Girls may opt for Women category also if they wish to.

- Photo and Birth date ID card mandatory.

- Its mandatory for parent/guardian/team manager to accompany the participants.

- Parent/Guardian/team manager owns full responsibility of the safety of the participant. They will have to sign the indemnity form before issue of BIB, without which the participant will not be allowed to take part in the race.

Women: - Girls below the age of 18 may opt for Women category also if they wish to.

Amateur category is open for anybody who wants to race irrespective of age.

U-06 Kids (kids fun ride) : Participants age should be lesser than 06 years. Parent/Guardian presence is a must. No restriction on type of bike (they can race with tricycle also :P ) (born on 19-Jun-2016 or after)


General Rules :

  • Q: Where should i put my bib ?
  • - At front handle bar of your bicycle.
  • - Race BIBs/Numbers MUST be displayed on the handlebars of the bicycle. Altering, cutting or placing of unauthorized sponsors™ logos on numbers will result in a fine and/or disqualification.
  • - You must not use offensive or abusive language during the race, act in any anti-sporting manner, be disrespectful to the event volunteers / officials or ignore the race regulations.
  • - You and your supporters are reminded of their obligations to act responsibly always before, during and after the event.
  • - You are not permitted to shortcut the course. The responsibility for following the official route lies with you. If you do not follow the official route you will be disqualified.
  • - You are not permitted to willingly alter the course in any way without first consulting with the race officials. This includes moving rocks, logs, tape or other natural obstacles.
  • - You must act in a sporting manner at all times and permit any faster rider to overtake without deliberately obstructing them, when it is safe to do so.
  • - If you pull out of a race (DNF or Did Not Finish) you must notify the timing station or closest course marshal. This is to ensure that all competitors are accounted for at the conclusion of the race.
  • - Riders are expected to be on self supported race mode including mechanical fixing, flat fixing, carrying their own toolkit, towing of the cycle if required etc.
  • - Emergency ambulance support will be available Thanks to Sparsh Hospital and Spectrum Physio. You guys are awesome!
  • - Any rider can contact the race director through a specified BBCh phone number which will be active ONLY on race day +91 98860 46777
  • - Riders are expected to read and understand and adhere to the rules of the race available on the website
  • - The race referee reserves the sole discretion of analyzing any situation during the race and his opinion will be considered final

BBCh Race Disclaimer:

Kindly Note: Bangalore Bicycle Championships is totally run by volunteers and we are extremely short of hands. In the event or pre-event or post-event there may be few human errors which are completely unintentional. To sort out those errors or issues we might take some time which may seem longer than usual but again that is because of the crunch of resources. We understand that these events are run by the registration fees collected from the participants and naturally the participants can expect the basic error free running of the event. But we sincerely request all to bear with us for any delay. Thank you for your understanding.

Refer Race Page for more details : Click Here

  1. ​Avathi,
    Avathi, Nandi Road,
    Avathi, Karnataka, India

Organiser : Bangalore Bicycle Championships

Bangalore Bicycle Championships

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BBCh Race #05 | Downhill (DH) & MTB (XC) Race | 19-JUN-2022

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