Apr 18, 2015 - Apr 19, 2015
10:03 AM - 05:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
The Resonance Temple, S- 505 Greater Kailash Part 2
New Delhi,India

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Are you interested in learning to meditate, but worried that you won’t be able to do it?

Do you think your mind is too busy, or you simply have no concentration? You are not alone. Yet such concerns actually arise from misconceptions about meditation.

True meditation, the deepest meditation, is not difficult at all.

In fact, any form of meditation that is difficult is not effective, because the very act of making an effort ensures the mind will stay at a superficial level of experience. Every experienced meditator knows that the best meditations are those where you just “fall into it.” The trick is to be able to always fall into it, every time you sit to meditate. That’s why even experienced meditators find that Effortless Mind meditation is the deepest meditation they’ve experienced. Why not start with what works best? Learn more about Effortless Mind meditation.

Effortless Mind offers a direct experience of exceptionally deep meditation yet is readily accessible to all, whether you have never meditated before or have been meditating for years. Effortless Mind provides deep rest and relaxation, dissolving stress and tension, healing and vitalizing both mind and body. Enjoy increased energy, clarity, creativity, love, and happiness. You will not find an easier, more effective program of meditation anywhere! Effortless Mind meditation beginning through advanced stages, includes several highly effective meditation practices that draw from the Kundalini, Raja, and Advaita Yoga traditions.

What can meditation do for me? Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Improved physical health
    • Reduced stress
    • Reduced anxiety
    • Helps insomnia
    • Lowered blood pressure
    • Reduced constriction of blood vessels
    • Strengthened immune response
    • Harmonizes endocrine system
    • Greater vitality
    • Increased longevity
  • Improved mental/emotional health
    • Increased intelligence, clarity, and concentration
    • Increased creativity
    • Increased happiness and sense of well-being
    • Improved memory

Ruchi Sharma, trained and certified to teach Effortless Mind Meditation directly by Ajayan Borys, founder of Effortless Mind meditation, is the first teacher of this form in India as well as in Asia. An exeptionally skilled and gifted teacher who can guide you to effortlessly experience deep meditation, Ruchi is highly appreciated by her teachers and students both. Besides Learning and teaching various forms of Meditation and Alternative Therapies, she has been actively engaged in conducting workshops,classes and personalised sessions for Meditation, PLR and Self Mastery since several years.

Ltd Seats So Advance Registration Is Cumpolsary

Hurry avail the early bird offer for the first ten seats!!

Registration Amount:Rs. 7500

Early Bird registration fee For 1st 5 Registrations : Rs. 6500

  1. ​The Resonance Temple,
    S- 505 Greater Kailash Part 2,
    New Delhi, Delhi, India

Organiser : Sandeep Goswamy

Sandeep Goswamy

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