Automatic Writing Level 1

What Is Automatic Writing?

Channel messages from the Universe yourself. An age-old method of getting messages from the Universe, it is used by most Psychics to get impressions about the future, solutions to challenges and knowing our Soul and Life path. It is the process of “writing” messages that do not come from your mind. It is a non-scary and wonderful way of getting messages that come automatically.

How Do You Benefit:

  • Know your Soul and Life purpose
  • Meet your spirit guides, and learn how to communicate with them when you want
  • Get answers to your problems- yourself
  • Helps you find closure if you have lost a loved one
  • Strengthen your skills as a Healer
  • Take your intuition to the next level
  • Helps if you are a writer or a blogger, gets you “in the flow” of writing

What Can You Expect In The Workshop?

Through guided meditations, techniques and attunements, you move your consciousness to a level that you can communicate with your Spirit Guides and touch the Superconscious energy.

Who Can Do This/ Are There Any Prerequisites?

The intent is the only thing that matters. Even if you haven’t tried deep meditation before, the pre-workshop will sufficiently prepare you.

Structure Of The Workshop:

There is a pre-workshop, actual workshop and post-workshop support that is provided and is included in the energy exchange.

  • Pre-workshop- Details are given
  • Actual workshop- details mentioned above
  • Post-workshop support- Via WhatsApp and facebook, and a one-hour personal session after 21 days of the workshop

Gifted individuals possess special senses, and heightened perception allows them to hear, see and know more. Whether in a problematic life situation or in the throes of curiosity, Intuitive Future readings are a good answer to unexplored avenues, unsolved mysteries and unanswered questions. It can be one specific question about the future, or a general idea about a particular life scene that someone is dealing with, or foresees that they might have to deal with. Personalized Future readings gift one with inner peace, gratitude, appeasement and, above all, they are a trustworthy source of mental and spiritual guidance. Psychic reading sessions are also an emotional help and may take the place of inner purification, after which one is physically and mentally in tune with one’s spirit.

Note: Manmeet Kumar is not a healthcare professional and no part of this website / her books / her other writings is to be regarded as medical advice. In the event you use any of the information she provides for yourself or others, you assume full responsibility for your understanding, actions, and the results.

Book your seat by paying the TOKEN BOOKING AMOUNT. Your seat will be confirmed through email communication


Oct 12, 2019 - Oct 13, 2019
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Zorba the Buddha, Tropical Drive Ghitorni
New Delhi,India

This event has ended. Please contact organizer for more details.

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Organiser : Manmeet Kumar

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Automatic Writing Level 1

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