Attitudes That Win Job Offers – The Foundation Module
Aug 29, 2020
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
Online - Zoom, R1-23 Highland Winds

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                   Is Your Job Search Frustrating Because it Gets You No Results?

                                        Attitudes That Win Job Offers

                        The Foundation Module

                   Build Your Job Search Foundation With A Winning Attitude

Makes your Job search effective

  • Positively affects every aspect of the process
  • Allows you complete control over your approach
  • Improves your chances of success at each stage
  • Will lead you to places with exceptional opportunities
  • Aligns you towards achieving your career aspirations

Makes your selection easier

Besides this Corporates, while hiring people…

  • They reject candidates based on attitudes even if they are technically qualified
  • They give significant importance to a prescribed set of attitudes during selection
  • Especially freshers, these attitudes can become even more important than technical skill-sets

Post selection

  • Attitude, continues to be a catalyst even after joining
  • It helps you be a success in everything you wish to accomplish

The Foundation Attitude

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” - Albert Einstein

The module consists of the essential fundamentals to building attitudes that get you job offers. It helps you to be proactive, focused, in control and increases your chances to get one step closer to achieving job search success.

  • Learn the job critical attitudes that corporates look for in candidate selection
  • Understand the importance of inculcating these attitudes
  • Gain an understanding of the LOC frameworks for building a winning attitude
  • Know how to apply the critical attitude framework in your job search
  • Measure your attitudinal score and know where you stand

Who can Participate?

  • Post Graduate Students
  • Graduate / Fresh out of College
  • Individuals on a Career Break
  • Job seekers looking to convert their search into a Job

About Our Speaker

Masood Sayed

Masood is an industrial psychologist and an MBA in HR with about 16 years of experience within HR, Recruitment and Market Research spread across Asia, Europe and US geographies. He works as a Coach and Consultant helping both companies and candidates. 

For Companies, he designs and conducts customised programs directed towards enhancing their recruitment functions capability to hire better and faster. These programs include a mix of Process Reengineering, Knowledge Management and Training. He also conducts behavioural training programs outside the recruitment function. 

For Candidates, he provides coaching and group training programs to help them in getting a job of their choice and capability. He loves the application of technology in solving problems and is credited with designing and managing a learning platform and an applicant tracking system from scratch. While, he has a passion for technology and processes he understands the importance of the human sentiment for anything to work and applies the human angle to all his interventions and programs.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” —Walt Disney

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  1. ​Online - Zoom,
    R1-23 Highland Winds,
    Pune, Maharashtra, India


Organiser : Jahish Sayed


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Attitudes That Win Job Offers – The Foundation Module

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