Three Children-friendly Plays

Dec 25, 2018
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Academy of Fine Arts, Maidan
Kolkata,India View map →

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Three Bengali-language children-friendly plays by Children’s Ensemble, Nandikar, Kolkata

Princess September

Drama: W. Somerset Maugham/ Shweta Bagchi
Direction: Rakesh Das


Once upon a time there lived a King who used to offer gifts to his nine daughters on his own birthday and the Queen used to forget their names repeatedly. So, they were named after the Months and the youngest one became Princess September. 
The whimsical King presented nine encaged parrots to nine Princesses to train to pronounce ‘Good Morning’ or ‘God save the King!’.  Unfortunately, Princess September’s bird passed away leaving her grief struck.
One morning, a little bird fled in and delighted the Princess with its melodious songs. Elated, September rushed to the royal court and found everyone captivated by the same. But growing envious of September’s bird, other disgruntled Princesses misguided September and, as a result, she encaged the free bird. 
What would happen when sense of security overpowers sense of independence? Could the gagged voice ever sing? Can love ever blossom from the shackles of dominance?

Aparup Rupkatha

Drama: Swatilekha Sengupta
Direction: Debabarata Maity


Long ago there was a Kingdom but the King had no one to inherit his legacy. Being poor in administration, the Kingdom was an easy prey for enemies to attack. One day, the neighbouring State proposed the King to allow his Prince to marry their Princess or else they would announce war against him. But the King actually had no son!
At the end, there was no war; instead, the two States became friends forever. How come a matrimonial relationship established in between the Princess of enemy-state and heirless Kingdom! Is there a conspiracy hidden behind this wedlock?
All these shall be answered on this Christmas at Nandikar’s 34th National Theatre Festival at 10 AM.

Ekti Birpurush

Drama: Leo Tolstoy/Samrat Bose
Direction: Samrat Bose


Ekti Birpurush is a Play based on Leo Tolstoy’s famous story “Evan the Fool”.
Now-a-days everyone is running behind success forgetting the taste of achievement. Satisfying materialistic greed using shortcuts have possessed our minds leading us to follow the path of dishonesty.
Ekti Birpurush is a fantastically represented journey of Toru and his family passing through all the obstacles and hardships and facing the tantrums of the ‘Sardar of Devils’ who tries to lure their innocence and destroys their honesty. But what is their ultimate destiny? Will they fight till the end or will the evil power get over goodness! 


Organiser : Nandikar Theatre

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Three Children-friendly Plays

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