Dec 24, 2018
06:30 PM - 08:30 PM
Academy of Fine Arts, Maidan
Kolkata,India View map →

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Language: Bengali
Rangaloke, Kolkata
Drama: Tirthankar Chanda
Direction: Shyamal Chakraborty


Human beings had created society, social organizations to ensure a better living for themselves. Law, legality, and the nation state, as their logical descendent, emerged out of humane need of security and prosperity. However, the faceless masters/governors of the system had gradually turned it as a vehicle of demonic suppression in the name of discipline and order of the nation. The terror that the nation inflicts gets justified by the logic of retaining societal equilibrium.
Humane sensitivity laments at the face of this brutality, yet conceals the inner turmoil to be conformists and avoid penalization. But once in a while somebody comes to topple the ‘safe and sane’ system by posing himself straight against the inhuman violence of the state. He finds the blindfold of justice to be maiming and stands erect challenging the monster-state and its machineries of oppression to usher justice in his own way. Through his eyes, we, the humble subjects of the state, who prefer to live hidden in our personal illusions of containment, are forced to reckon with the naked violence of the state. The individual, consequently, gets tagged as whimsical by the ‘peace-loving’, ‘socially concerned elite’, as dangerous by the state, which metes out gruesomest punishment for the threat that he poses.
One his removal is successful, the balance of the chaos is attained again as we feel (!). But the remembrance of the violence, the experience of the lawful monstrosity bleeds us. The wound of memory gets carried to the unknown future, like a devilish premonition.


Organiser : Nandikar Theatre

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