Dec 23, 2018
06:30 PM - 08:45 PM
Academy of Fine Arts, Maidan
Kolkata,India View map →

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Language: Bengali
Nandikar, Kolkata
Drama: Parthapratim Deb
Direction: Sohini Sengupta


The Kurukshetra War has just ended. Gandhari, after losing her hundred sons, is a much-grieved lady. She holds Krishna responsible for her misery. Radha asks Krishna why, despite being the most powerful person in India, Krishna cannot confide in anyone. Krishna tells his side of the story.
As the story unfolds we see how Krishna, the young shepherd boy, is always trusted by people around him to be their savior. How every time it is Krishna who has to take a strong - and sometimes not-pleasing-for-all - stand to ensure justice. How Krishna must sacrifice his personal life to establish the rule of Dharma.


Organiser : Nandikar Theatre

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