Look Back In Anger

Dec 23, 2016
03:00 PM - 04:30 PM
Academy of Fine Arts, Cathedral Road,Maidan

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Look Back In Anger
Language: Hindi
Flying Feather’s Art Association, Delhi
Drama: John Osborne
Direction: Souti Chakraborty

Synopsis: Anischai, a man of working class background, keeps provoking his wife, Paromita, by making fun of her family and her well-heeled life before she married him. He also makes fun of the low intelligence of Raja, Anshchai’s best friend who lives with them. Paromita confides to Raja that she is pregnant, though she has not yet told Anischai. Paromita’s friend Doyel comes to live with them. Anischai does not like Doyel and goes into a rage in which he wishes that Paromita would suffer in order to know what it means to be a real person. Paromita’s father comes and takes his daughter away. Several months pass and now Doyel is living with Anischai and Raja. Raja then tells Anischai that he wants to move out of the apartment. One day Paromita returns and is completely ignored by Anischai. Doyel then tells Anischai and Paromita that she knows she must leave. Paromita attempts to persuade her to stay, telling her that Anischai will be alone if she leaves. When Doyel leaves, Anischai attempts to once again become angry but Paromita tells him that she has now gone through the emotional and physical suffering that he has always wanted her to feel. He realizes that she has suffered greatly, has become like him, and becomes softer and tender towards her.

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Organiser : Nandikar Theatre

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Look Back In Anger

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