12th India Investment Conference
Jan 21, 2022 - Jan 22, 2022
05:00 PM - 02:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)

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12th India Investment Conference
Era of disequilibria

The Oxford English Dictionary defines disequilibria as a loss or lack of equilibrium or stability, especially in relation to supply, demand and prices. 

The situation that the global economy currently finds itself in can’t be more appropriately defined than this. While the pandemic last year resulted not only in a complete shutdown of the global economy, but it also resulted in large scale winding down of mobility, leading to supply chain issues throughout the world.

The capital markets to a large extent recovered from the shock. Stock prices jumped, owing in a large part to the munificence of the central banks and the support of policy makers. A large section of the producing class is yet to recover from the shocks that the pandemic is still causing.

We are currently witnessing supply shocks in semi-conductors leading to a fall in global production of automobiles and anything that’s dependent on chips. Similarly, a clamp down on pollution causing coal is creating energy shortfall across China, Europe and now in India. Despite these challenges, stock market valuations continue to stretch and test the extremes.

Classical economics tells us that the invisible hand of the market brings economies back to a state of equilibrium. But will this hold true in an era of increasing central bank interventions, rolling back of globalization, increasing geo-political risks and climate change. 

This has great implications to the world of investing and it indeed would be interesting to see how the investment managers cope with this era of disequilibria.

The India Investment Conference – 2022, like every year, will bring globally renowned experts to discuss these ideas and pose questions. A diverse set of delegates – investment managers, asset owners, private bankers, wealth managers, regulators & policy makers – are expected to deliberate on these themes. We invite you to mark your  calendars and register!

Key Speakers : 
Lauren Templeton, Templeton and Phillips Capital Management, LLC
Xu Sitao, Chief Economist, Deloitte, China

William Green (Author)

Hector Gomez Ang,  Regional Director, South Asia, IFC 

Organiser : CFA Society India .

Contact : Professional Learning team

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12th India Investment Conference

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