Sep 20, 2018
06:30 PM - 08:45 PM
Academy of Fine Arts, Cathedral Road
Kolkata,India View map →

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Mrityunjoy will be followed by the premiere of Bahoner Baynakka.

Nandikar's New Play

Play: Saptarshi Maulik
Direction: Sohini Sengupta
On stage: Saptarshi Maulik, Subhadeep Guha and others


Mrityunjoy, a young boy, has deep, nuanced feelings and emotions. But he lacks the means to express them. He has cerebral palsy. Words and poems fill his mind and his heart. His wishes and dreams take the form of words and transcend into beautiful, little butterflies, flapping their wings into glory. The Narrator, being a true friend of Mrityunjoy, can see those dreams through the eyes of Mrityunjoy. And the Narrator so wants to share with us all that he can see! The dreams. The love. The screams. The silence. The cruel realities of a society that has eyes but can not really see.

All of it cultivated and nurtured deep inside a man who is considered insane! 


Story: Dipanwita Roy
Adaptation and Direction: Arghya Dey Sarkar
Actors: Members of Nandikar


Maa Durga leads her family life with prosperity at Kailash but this Play is all about the other members of her extended family. They are obedient companions of Gods i.e. Lion, Mouse, Owl, Peacock, Swan, etc.

Poor Ganesh can never understand who is stealing his hidden foodstuffs; suddenly the Mouse offers a share of that stolen snacks and Ganesh, in no time, identifies the black hat. Ganesh decided to keep the Mouse as his obedient companion so that united they could taste all delicacies secretly. On the other side, Kartick is amazed to see an Eagle (Garuda) and a Peacock fighting fiercely. It would be of great help if Kartick could get such a warrior like Peacock as his obedient companion. This Peacock would wake Kartick up every morning. But here in arises Lakshmi’s problem. The Mouse is allegedly damaging her boxed up ten-year old clothes. Chaos is looming over Kailash. Now who will save Lakshmi’s belongings from the mischievous Mouse! Again, Saraswati has her concern as well. Every other day her quill breaks off! Where from she will get innumerable quills and hand writing seems illegible if written with a broken quill. Are Lakshmi and Saraswati going to find obedient companions as their helping hands like Ganesh and Kartick found?

At this point, Maa Durga is also facing troubles. Kartick is neglecting studies and Ganesh is becoming an eternal eater. But Maa Durga really cannot manage her daily jobs; Unlike Bengal’s richness of six seasons, Kailash only has unending winter! Mahadev never looks after anything and lives on his uprising whims. In the meantime, Narad gifted a Lion Cub to Mahadev. The minor is very idle and don’t pay any heed to Maa Durga! Now the question is who will stand beside Maa Durga when Buffalo (Mahish) will vandalize agricultural fields? How will Maa Durga transform herself into Mahishmardini (destroyer of Mahishasur, the Buffalo-Demon) without her obedient companion the Lion King!


Organiser : Nandikar Theatre

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