Apr 25, 2019
06:30 PM - 08:45 PM
Academy of Fine Arts, Cathedral Road

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Nandikar's Play

Story: Subrata Mukhopadhyay
Drama and music: Parthapratim Deb
Costume, Choreography & Associate Director: Sohini Sengupta
Direction: Parthapratim Deb

Cast: Swatilekha Sengupta, Sohini Sengupta, Debsankar Halder, Sumanta Gangopadhyay, Rudraprasad Sengupta and others


To the Rasik Clan, Manbhoom is the land of songs and dance. The novel Rasik focuses on the lives of the Naachnis of Purulia. The harsh climate and difficult existence of Purulia blend with its soft melodies and reflect the lives of these musical people who have songs on their lips and pain in their hearts. The themes of Jhumur gaan mainly draw upon the love tales of Radha and Krishna and give itself physical expression in Naachni dance.

The Naachnis or nautch girls might be excellent performing artists but are amongst the most marginalized sections of the society. They are women; they belong to Scheduled Castes and Tribes; they have no education or economic independence (their earnings being controlled by the male rasiks who earn by exploiting them); and are outcastes who are denied even their last rites. The play Naachni which is structured from the novel Rasik looks at the lives of these women. Bijolibala, a young girl, is sold by her mother Rasanabala, an old and poverty-stricken Naachni, to a dacoit. Bijoli is then rescued by her much married lover Pandavkumar and finds shelter in his house with Dhruvakumar, the older Rasik, and Kusmibai, his ageing Naachni and Pandava's wife Lata. Pandav loves Bijoli but also decides to take her on as his own Naachni and this is when the problem starts. Dhruvakumar is unable to accept this new competition and new generation of Rasiks and Naachnis and this leads them all especially Kusmibai to fatal consequences… This absorbing musical raises important questions about patriarchy and the position of women performing artists even in the 21st Century!


Organiser : Nandikar Theatre

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