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Have you ever been to a Holi party in Bangalore? Well, it is only right for those who reside in the city of amazing culture and nightlife that they also celebrate the true spirit of one of Bangalore's top festivals too right? The Holi celebration in Bangalore are aplenty and for many of those folks who are outside their city or hometown, Bangalore makes sure you feel right at home wherever you are. Lucky for you, there are a wide variety of holi events in Bangalore just for you to enjoy. We found them!

Speaking of parties, the night parties in Bangalore have long been the talk of the country, seeing most folk travelling south to just experience the exciting pub culture in the city with their friends. The parties in Bangalore city are unlike any you will see. With good food, music and more, the city has the whole package! For example, the new year parties in Bangalore have often been hailed as some of the best in the entire country. If you want to be a part of the new year celebration in Bangalore, then you need to book your tickets with Explara! Parties in Bangalore today are the hype you wish you knew about yesterday, and to guarantee you do not have to go through the fear of FOMO, we have the perfect list of night parties in Bangalore for you.

For those who are not too keen to go ahead with the party scene, fear not. We have the ticket to Bangalore International Film Festival for you to enjoy! The Bangalore film festival is something you must not take a miss on, for there are stellar film stars, directors and more that throng the city. Be a part of every Bangalore festival that takes place in the city and book with us to know more!