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Trekking near Bangalore is one of the best ways to spend your weekend away from the polluted roads of the city. There are a wide array of amazing and fun treks you can choose from and get your friends and family up and going for them. The next time you go trekking in Bangalore, you can hit up your friends and also find the best places to enjoy with your friends. The different trekking places near Bangalore have often proved to be more than just a pretty landscape; they have also served as the right challenge that adventurers need when they are looking for something different outside the city.

Some of the top trekking spots near Bangalore include Ramnagar, KuntiBetta and Savandurga, among many other trekking spots that have become widely popular over the past few years! Lucky for you, we know some of the top trekking spots near Bangalore and where your friends would love to go too. For many hardcore trekking enthusiasts, there are trekking packages in and around the city that will make you want to get up and get going. Trekking near Bangalore has become a favourite for most of the folks in the city, thanks to the beautiful and lush landscape of the place outside the city along with the different challenges it poses for those who are big fans of the place.

The craze and love of youth towards Bangalore trekking has been immense and there are several active communities out there where the trekking enthusiasts keep interacting with the fellow members and keep track of the best and unexplored places for Trekking around Bangalore.